Mack Automation LLC

Mack Automation presents an expanding line of proprietary products for automation and automatic processing industries. These products are unique in concept, of advanced design and manufactured to the highest quality standards for universal application in equipment destined to improve quality, increase production and reduce manufacturing costs. Please contact us with any questions.

Manifold Mounted Cylinders - Single Acting - Spring Return

Single acting, spring return cylinder that can operate up to 150psi pneumatic. Features a trepan fluid inlet for porting, in which the cylinder is pocketed into a hole to align the port with the user’s assembly. A spherical rod end allows the cylinder to push, without being fixed to the object being pressed. Screws are fed through the rod-end side of the cylinder and screw into the user’s assemble, to compress the trepan fluid-inlet O-ring around a 7/64 diameter fluid passageway.

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