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Need A Highly Customize Cylinder/Actuator?

Though Mack Automation has a fairly extensive offering of short stroke actuators, a very large portion of our business, 35-40%, is a result of ourMack custom short stroke cylinders ability and willingness to make customizations (specials) based on our customers specific application requirements. Whether it’s a material change, a rod end extension or a complete redesign to fit a proprietary product, we value every opportunity to meet our customer’s ever changing automation needs. Please give us a call, or send an email with an attached drawing of your required specifications is even better. If you don’t need a fully custom part built from scratch, you can click the button below to order a modified version of an existing part.

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For actuator applications, we offer the following check sheet as a guide to arrive at a final design which is neat and functional. In most actuator applications, input pressure and the desired output thrust are known from the start. Internal dimensions are then easily determined since thrust is the product of net piston area times applied pressure. A good rule of thumb is to select piston area slightly oversize since system pressure can be more easily reduced than making room for a larger actuator.

Once the internal configuration is determined, there are many choices for external consideration.

  • Inches
  • Inches
  • See Wall Chart or email us a rough sketch to
  • The following list are characteristics which help to define a final configuration. Please check one in each category.
  • For thru hole option, please note required hole size.
    Metric Version at No Added Cost. Metric Versions Are Dimensionally Equivalent to U.s. Customary Actuators Except for Conversion in Mounting Details Where Fasteners, Internal Threads, Clearance Holes & Counter-bores Are Metric Standards.