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Extra Large Pneumatic Hollow Cylinder

Custom hollow, pass-thru, cylinders are in high demand for previously, ill-executed applications. Hollow pass-thru cylinders are great for axially aligning many lifting or pressing-type applications,  eliminating off-axis loading and unnecessary tooling. Mack Automation has the ability to create hollow cylinders of very large size based on the customer requirements.  In this example, a 9 inch …

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Machined Parts

Mack Automation has specialized in the manufacture of fluid power actuators for more than 50 years.  In that time we have also learned that keeping our manufacturing floor open to general-purpose machining is an invaluable service that we can offer to companies in a wide range of industries. If you are looking for a quality …

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Hollow Actuators

Hollow bore cylinders, also known as pass thru cylinders. Smaller sizes are often configured with pipe threads on each rod end for “flow thru” applications.  Larger sizes are perfect for axial clamping force in conjuction with a spindle or shaft passing thru the cylinder. Linear or axial clamping forces greatly simplify any number of applications …

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Pneumatic Workholding Cylinder with Added Flange

  Adding flexibility with a simple flange. Standard, pneumatic, workholding cylinder with the addition of an external, rod end flange, for mounting to the users device. The addition of the simple flange definitely adds to the versatility of the basic, fluid power actuator. Contact us today for custom flanges, adaptors or mounting brackets. Or …

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Replacements for other popular cylinder brands. Bimba, Fabco, Norgren.

Contact us for replacements of popular cylinder brands such as Bimba, Fabco and Norgren. Where-as we have our own form and fit, most of the function is pretty universal.  With simple modifications we can make something that will help you stay up and running.  We also never shy away from complete customs if you need …

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Automatic Return Vacuum Pick-Up Cylinder

Automatic Return Vacuum Pick-Up Cylinder. Fully automatic in the Z axis elminating the need for a vertical motion control. Only one vacuum line required. 5 piston sizes to choose from. Multiple travels in each piston size. Click here for more information: