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Replacements for other popular cylinder brands. Bimba, Fabco, Norgren.

Contact us for replacements of popular cylinder brands such as Bimba, Fabco and Norgren. Where-as we have our own form and fit, most of the function is pretty universal.  With simple modifications we can make something that will help you stay up and running.  We also never shy away from complete customs if you need …

Replacements for other popular cylinder brands. Bimba, Fabco, Norgren. Read More »

Automatic Return Vacuum Pick-Up Cylinder

Automatic Return Vacuum Pick-Up Cylinder. Fully automatic in the Z axis elminating the need for a vertical motion control. Only one vacuum line required. 5 piston sizes to choose from. Multiple travels in each piston size. Click here for more information:      

Custom Miniature Pneumatic Actuators

Based on a standard miniature, pneumatic actuator, this cylinder has been customized with: In-line, 1/16 NPT ports.  Double ended, stainless steel piston with 2 different threaded rod ends and is drilled completely though for a proprietary “pass-thru” application. Contact us today for you custom actuator needs.  

Vacuum Pick Up Cylinders

Experience Effortless Object Handling with our Vacuum Seal Pick Up Cylinders! Our Vacuum Seal Pick Up Cylinders are designed to simplify and streamline your object handling operations. With an innovative vacuum-based mechanism, these cylinders ensure a secure seal on the object, allowing for automatic return and reliable holding until the vacuum is released. Vacuum-Powered Precision:When …

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Hollow Hub Pneumatic Pass Thru Cylinders

Hollow Hub Pneumatic Pass Thru Cylinders Unique to the market. The perfect solution for linear axis applications. Easily eliminate off-axis loading, and the extra gear to compensate for off-axis loading. Clutch type applications. Collet and chuck closers.   These hollow cylinders are an engineers dream with many, many application possibilities. Many possible configuations and easily customizable.  …

Hollow Hub Pneumatic Pass Thru Cylinders Read More »


Installation Guidelines – Short Stroke Cylinders IMPORTANT PRODUCT INFORMATION: Mack Automation designs, develops, manufactures and markets the finest and most comprehensive line of proprietary short stroke pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Product quality is assured through “time-tested” manufacturing processes and quality control procedure. All assembled products are individually tested for proper function prior to shipping. IMPORTANT …