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Short Stroke Miniature Hydraulic Cylinders. Double Acting. Single Ended.
Hydraulic forces in an ultra compact, space saving design. Not made from material of Near Net Shape, but rather machined from solid bar stock, these cylinders offer superior strength and longevity coupled with space savings for ultimate flexibility in your machine design. The housing is bearing bronze with the piston/rod being machined out of one solid piece of stainless steel and then flash chrome plated for superior wear resistance and extended seal life.

Piston travels up to 2” are standard. We offer customization of these cylinders, and offer various rod-end and mounting options as standard customizable options. For more information, visit our website at for readily available spec drawings and STEP files to quickly integrate our components into your projects. For options not shown on the website, please contact us by online chat, email or phone.

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Short Stroke Miniature Pneumatic Cylinders. Double Acting. Single and Double Ended.
Miniature Air Cylinders operate on plant air using standard valve circuits with a wide choice of mounting and porting options in various materials. Many rod end and thru hole options.  Cylinders are suited for production tooling, automated processes, and general-purpose industrial applications. Basic design is to US Customary specifications, but all products are offered in metric versions.  Up to 300 PSI. Up to 2 inches of piston travel.
Please contact us with any question.
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About Mack Automation

As a one stop source, Mack Automation​ designs, manufactures and markets a proprietary product line of specialty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for use in automation projects and general purpose industrial applications.

Unique to this design are products which provide a variety of inlet configurations and mounting styles for energy savings and cleaner overall design in a user’s structure. The basic design offers countless options and is not limited to materials of near-net-shape.

Standard mounting choices include threaded bodies, face, flange and side mounting in addition to manifold and pocket mounting.

Fluid inlet choices include side and end ports to international standards and a choice of trepanned ‘O’ring face seals for fluid transfer from manifolds and pockets where external feed lines and fittings are located outside the work zone to avoid accidental damage and accumulation of debris.

Mack Automation​ lends further support to automation projects and general purpose production equipment with a product line of bench top pick and place robots made up in various combinations of basic modules consisting of grippers, slides, rotators and adaptors.

Products are designed in U.S. customary units but all products are offered as metric versions where external details related to mounting and installation are to metric standards.

Mack Automation​ was chartered in 1970 and our products can be found in plants world wide. Fortune 500 listed companies account for a large portion of our customer base and after five decades, we still supply products to our first customers.

We are at home in company owned facilities in Northern Arizona with modern equipment and employees who do things right the first time.

– J. Frank Mack CMfgE

Miniature Custom Hydraulic Cylinders. Single Acting. Single Ended.
Lug rod end for integration into a custom hydraulic powered crimping machine. 
Bearing bronze guide cover and stainless steel body.
Modified for end users application where standard side porting was not usable and the lug rod end was a better option for connection to the crimping block.
Hydraulic forces in an ultra compact, space saving design. 
Not made from material of Near Net Shape, but rather machined from solid bar stock. 

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