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  • Classic Miniature HI-ENERGY Hydraulic
  • Rectangular Hydraulic
  • Miniature Custom Pneumatic
  • Miniature Hydraulic Spring Return
  • Hollow Hub
  • Hollow Hub - Hard Anodized
  • Standard HI-ENERGY Hydraulic, 3000 PSI
  • Custom HI-ENERGY Hydraulic
  • Miniature HI-ENERGY Hydraulic - Double Ended
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Short Stroke Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators

Mack Automation, LLC (formerly Mack Corporation) designs, and manufactures a proprietary product line of specialty, short stroke, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders (actuators) for use in automation projects and general purpose industrial applications. Unique to this design are products which provide a variety of inlet configurations and mounting styles for energy savings and cleaner overall design in a user's structure.


Find the right cylinder for your application.

Hydraulic, pneumatic,
high pressure, low pressure

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